mid sem examination (semester 2) asasi unimas

hardly to believe that mid sem examination for semester 2 just around the corner..still wondering how time can move so fast at here..i'm still remember when i sat mid sem examination last semester and with the result i got and how it make my carrymarks so low..so frustrated..if i can turn time back..maybe my pointer for sem 1 is better..but nothing have to worried...everything happen have their reason right..just keep calm , fighting , throw away laziness and got 4 flat..haha

so my exam start on monday until thursday (3 February-6 february)
monday-mathematics (3 chapter)
tuesday-physics (3 chapter)
wednesday-chemistry (3 chapter)
thursday-english (writing)
wish me luck guys.. i wanna to improve  my cgpa to enter engineering faculty (FK)..inshaALLAH


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