nak mantap english :)

     Jealous ! Jealous ! Jealous !
Coii !! You all must think i'm a arrogant guy right ?
Actually i'm jealous to guys who can write especially can speak in english very well 
This is my first try to write in english since i'm blogging
Ngeee ~
So after SPM last year , my english became more clumsy
A few months without english classes
it making me more in trouble 
Jyeah :'(
Seriously i'm lack of confident to speak in english
I believe many people out there have same problem like me right ??
easy to understand what other people talk about
difficult to talk back right ?

So before i enter the college life 
I must do something with my english right
Anyone can help me how to improve english in
writing and speaking ?
Anyone ??

#sorry teacher for my broken english (kalau la teacher aq baca) muahaha
#grammar beterabuq
#vocabulary aku kurang mantap
#fikir banyak kali nak post ka dak (malu cek oii) haha


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